Iowa DOT releases new information on I-380 Study

Iowa DOT releases new information on I-380 Study

The Iowa Department of Transportation is conducting a study of Interstate 380 between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City and would like your input. The study will be developed and released through a series of technical reports that identify the existing condition of I-380, the way the system is performing, short- and long-term issues, and strategies to improve the corridor. Each report will be accessible online as it becomes available on the Iowa DOT's I-380 Planning Study website at:

This message is to inform you that two new reports can now be viewed online. These reports include:

-Evaluation of I-380 Resiliency and Vulnerability

-Impact of Alternative Modes On I-380

The Iowa DOT is asking interested parties to take a few minutes to view these reports and other materials on the website. To submit a comment online about this project, go to:

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