Iowa 92 west of Louisa County Road X-17 remains closed due to embankment failure

Iowa 92 west of Louisa County Road X-17 remains closed due to embankment failure

Plans to repair Iowa 92 west of Louisa County Road X-17, near Columbus Junction, are moving forward according to the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Mount Pleasant Construction office.

The road has been closed since May 27 due to severe damage from a mudslide. Weather conditions continue to cause additional and extensive damage to the ditch, shoulder and roadway.

Preparations for repairs have been ongoing for the past several weeks. This mudslide was not typical, so a new approach to the repair needed to be developed. Alternative repair strategies were analyzed using data on the soil stability, drainage needs and environmental concerns. After this analysis, a decision was made to completely reconstruct Iowa 92 in the area of the mudslide, including repair of a culvert under Iowa 92.

Road design plans are now complete, and a contractor is expected to be selected July 30. Because the mudslide area remains unstable, the contractor may not be able to begin the repairs right away.

During the road closure, motorists will continue to be directed to the official detour using U.S. 218 (north and south for about 13.7 miles), Iowa 22 (east and west for about 13 miles), and Iowa 70 (north and south about 14.8 miles).

Local traffic will have access to Iowa 92 except for the area of greatest damage near mile post 249.  

Barriers blocking access to roads will remain in place until the road has been deemed safe for traffic. If you see a barricade, don’t drive around it or move it. Just because a road looks safe, doesn’t mean it is safe. While some structural damage to the road surface is very visible, damage to the ground underneath the road may be more difficult to see. Barricades are in place to protect you from hurting yourself, damaging your vehicle, and potentially causing further damage to the road.

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