As this year’s Thanksgiving rolls around, many might wonder just what those in Iowa agriculture can be thankful for.

It’s been, without a doubt, a rough year for farmers. Heavy rains turned spring planting and calving season into a swampy mess. The harvest season hasn’t been much of an improvement. Critical trade deals, such as the USMCA, remain in limbo, and commodity prices remain in a funk. Added to all of this, the Environmental Protection Agency has not yet retreated from its practice of hurting demand for biofuels by distributing refinery waivers like free samples at the supermarket.

But, thank goodness, there is still plenty of good in Iowa agriculture. Topping the list: the farmers and ag supporters who  care for their neighbors and communities.

In early 2019, as flooding overwhelmed farms and communities of southwest Iowa, farmers stepped up to help. County Farm Bureaus helped provide meals and pitched in to clean up flooded farms, homes and businesses. Farmers, FFA members and others also donated hay, fencing and other items to help farmers in flooded areas.

That spirit of caring carried throughout the year. Neighbors checked on neighbors and pitched in to do chores if someone in their community was sick or injured.

I certainly don’t know if 2020 is going to be another tough one. But I can guarantee that Iowa farmers and those involved in agriculture are going to continue caring for each other.

And that’s really something to be thankful for.