The Conservation Station educational trailers provided by Iowa State University (ISU) are now available for request. Organizations looking to schedule a visit for their events can make requests online at

The Conservation Station fleet is comprised of four customized trailers equipped with hands-on demonstrations and activities that delve into the impacts of land management choices, both urban and agricultural, on water quality and the connections between our state’s water, soil and wildlife.

In addition to the core science-based resources, each trailer has a different theme to provide a deeper dive into particular areas of interest. Conservation Station "On the Edge" has working bioreactor and saturated buffer demonstrations, and Conservation Station "Marsh Madness" includes working models of different wetlands to show how water moves over and through these landscapes.

Each single-day visit from a Conservation Station trailer includes staff made up of ISU faculty, staff or student interns who are eager to engage and share what they know about Iowa and its natural resources.