GreenStems Farm in Glenwood sells fresh, locally grown vegetables to give back to their community.
Radishes, zucchini, tomatoes, greens. Ah, the bounty of Iowa summer.

Those who grew up in Iowa no doubt have fond memories of every type of homegrown goodness fresh from the family garden. 

But times have changed. Not everyone gardens anymore; others only grow a few specific things.

Those needing a regular fix of fresh produce to round out their summer meals rely on the local weekly farmers market, and the committed growers who offer their goods.

Mills County Farm Bureau members Jeremy and Amber Prochnow of GreenStems Farm on the north edge of Glenwood began their venture into growing in 2017. 

“We bought a property with a greenhouse,” says Jeremy. “So we decided to put it to use.” 

With little time due to full-time jobs, the couple rented the greenhouse the first year, learning growing tips from their renters. Neither came from a strong gardening background, but they were eager to learn.

They tapped Iowa State University Extension...