Iowa Cover Crop is offering up to 10 acres of free cover crop seed to all Iowa FFA chapters. 

“We are donating seed to educate and inspire the next generation of soil health stewards,” said Megan Holz, Iowa Cover Crop marketing director and project coordinator. “The FFA motto includes ‘Learning to Do, Doing to Learn…,’ so Iowa Cover Crop and our distributors are providing up to 10 acres of seed at no charge so students can learn about the soil health and water benefits of cover crops in a hands-on way.”

Chapters may select oats or rye for their free seed. 

FFA advisors or plot managers can secure up to 10 free acres of cover crop seed by using the online form at

“While the seed is being offered at no cost to Iowa FFA programs, we’d love to see and hear from participating chapters as their cover crop matures by posting photos or videos to our Iowa Cover Crop Facebook page,” located at, Holz said.

Iowa Cover Crop, based in Greene County, is a leading cover crop supplier and service providers. It recommends resources from Practical Farmers of Iowa and the Iowa Department of Land Stewardship for those using cover crops for the first time.