Special below-invoice pricing plus $500 Farm Bureau cash

Now through July 1, 2019, members affected by recent flooding disasters may be eligible for special below-invoice pricing. This offer applies to residents of counties qualifying for federal assistance: Fremont, Harrison, Louisa, Mills, Monona, Pottawattamie, Scott, Shelby and Woodbury counties.

Iowa residents of these counties who lost a car, truck or SUV due to flooding qualify for the $500 Farm Bureau Cash offer from Ford (or $750 from Lincoln) in addition to the below-invoice pricing. For example, savings on a Ford F-150 XLT can be up to $8,000.

Members must provide vehicle loss/damage insurance documentation to qualify for this offer:
  • Insurance claim form with name, address and claim number, dated after the program effective date of March 22, 2019.
  • If the customer has liability insurance, please provide one of the following
    • Liability insurance with cancellation letter with name and address.
    • Liability insurance with repair estimate with name and address.

Members are allowed one new vehicle purchase/lease for each loss/damaged vehicle.

Please see your authorized Ford Dealer for more details and assistance.