According to the Farms and Land in Farms 2016 Summary released by USDA/NASS, the estimated number of farms in the U.S. is 2.06 million, but has declined about 8,000 farms since 2015. Total land in farms has also declined, while average farm size increased slightly.

Texas led the way with the greatest number of farms at 241,500, and also the most acres of farmland (129.8 million acres). In 2016, Iowa was estimated to have about 87,000 farms and 30.5 million acres in farmland. The estimated number of Iowa farms declined slightly, while the acres of land in farms held constant from 2015 to 2016. The average Iowa farm size increased slightly from 349 to 351 acres.

57% of all Iowa farms fit in the two smallest sales class categories ($1,000-$9,999 and $10,000-$99,999). However, the two smallest sales class categories only account for about 14% of the total land in farms in Iowa, while the two largest sales classes account for 61% of land in farms.

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