While family gatherings this November may look different than years past, those choosing to celebrate with traditional holiday fare will welcome lower prices on many food items, according to the 35th annual Farm Bureau Thanksgiving survey.

The most notable price drop is reflected by Thanksgiving’s most beloved bird—the turkey—which at roughly $1.21 per pound is the lowest price since 2010. Iowa, ranking 7th in turkey production in the United States, is also home to the turkeys who will travel to our nation’s capital for this year’s ceremonial Presidential “turkey pardon.”

“Iowa’s farm families appreciate the value consumers put on safe, nutritious foods and are proud to provide a wide range of items that grace our holiday tables,” says Dr. Sam Funk, IFBF director of agriculture analytics and research. “Our livestock and poultry farmers still face the challenge of recovering from lost markets and supply chains impacted by COVID, but that hasn’t stopped them from producing sustainably-grown, real meat products we enjoy at Thanksgiving.”

The survey includes favorites such as stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberries, pumpkin pie, whipped cream and rolls with butter. With changing food trends and increased appetites for a variety of animal-based proteins, ham has also made it to the list of surveyed foods along with potatoes and frozen green beans. Although these additional items contribute to cost, this year’s Thanksgiving menu results in a 4 percent price decrease overall from 2019.

“Farm Bureau’s Thanksgiving dinner cost survey shows, no matter your food preferences, Americans may spend less this year on the fixings to set on the table,” says Dr. Funk. “While there’s been many hardships in 2020, something to be thankful for is all the people who, from gate to plate, have worked endlessly to bring food and necessities for our families. We depend on each other and the bounty that continues to be provided from Iowa’s agricultural heritage.”

For more information on the Farm Bureau Thanksgiving survey, visit https://www.fb.org/newsroom/farm-bureau-survey-thanksgiving-dinner-cost-down-4.