The NASS harvested yields can be used to estimate the 2015 Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) payments planned for payment in the fall. These estimates will probably vary from the final Farm Service Agency (FSA) yields used to calculate the actual payments this fall and should only be used as approximations. Another variable in these calculations is the market price; for this example we have used a range of prices that can be changed by using the price slider on the map. These ARC payment projections will continue to be updated throughout the year as we gain more information on the MYA price.

County to county variance can be caused by a number of factors included in program calculations.  Some of these are the 2015 yield, historical county yields that influence the county specific benchmark revenue, and also which high and low yield years are dropped from the 2010-2014 Olympic average calculation.

Note that the estimated payments in the map below are based on 85% of base acres and have also assumed a 6.8% sequestration again.