According to the December 2016 USDA Cattle on Feed report, the inventory of cattle and calves on feed in feedlots with 1,000+ capacity was 10.7 million, down 1% from December 2015. The top 5 states for cattle on feed included Texas (2.43 million), Nebraska (2.37 million), Kansas (2.22 million), Colorado (910,000), and Iowa (600,000). Cattle on feed numbers in Texas are down 3% and Iowa is down 5% from December 2015. Idaho saw an 11% increase over last year bringing their total COF inventory to 260,000. Kansas and Oklahoma had a 4% and 5% increase compared to December 2015, while California saw an 8% decline. November placements were up 15% from 2015 for a total of 1.84 million head.