Iowa’s Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) assemblies will held November 18 through December 5, giving Iowans an opportunity to discuss their visions for Iowa’s outdoor recreation, soil and water enhancement, historical resources and public land management.

REAP assemblies are locally-led public meetings where information is shared about REAP programs, including:
  • Information regarding REAP expenditures, the overall REAP budget and projects in the region;
  • Opportunities for future regional REAP projects are identified, such as trails, river corridor protection, wetland restoration, soil erosion prevention, conservation education, and resource inventories;
  • Attendees review and recommend changes to REAP policies, programs, and funding;
  • Attendees elect five delegates and two alternates to serve at the REAP Congress January 4 at the State Capitol in Des Moines.

Each REAP assembly represents a region of counties and participants are required to attend the region for their county of residence. All assemblies are held at 6:30-8 pm.  A list of REAP assembly locations can be found at this link. More complete information about REAP can be found at this link.