As the harvest season comes to, what feels like, an end here in Iowa we still have 56 percent of corn left to be harvested and 17 percent of soybeans. Additionally, this speaks to the progress of the harvest being behind the normal pace, however, in recent days farmers have been catching up to that pace. Especially considering that last week the condition for a good crop for the 18 states was 50 percent. Iowa is currently above the average at 52 percent.

Soybeans have no condition report, however, as colder weather sets in, and shorter autumn days arrive, the harvest time frame for soybeans is more specific than that of corn, in much of the Midwest. This explains the significant difference between the two in harvest progresses of 44 percent (corn) and 83 percent (soybeans).

Again, as the much of the harvest has been behind normal pace in the Midwest and elsewhere, there has been an increase in progress as of late. As usual, farmers always know how to get the job done when it needs to be done.