If you’re a commuter or a parent shuttling kids to the ballfield or pool this summer, you may spend so much time in your car it feels like a second home.

However, it’s important to stay alert when you are on the road. June is National Safety Month, and Farm Bureau Financial Services offers the following tips to prevent distracted driving.

Hit the app store. You know you should stash your phone while driving and ignore incoming text messages. But technology could help you do even more. Download the AT&T DriveMode app, which kicks in when your car starts moving, silences text alerts and auto-replies to new messages. OMW (On My Way) lets your friends track your trip and plan for your arrival, so no need for the “Be there soon!” text from a few blocks away.

Prepare for your trip. Take a minute or two to set up everything you might need. Adjust your mirrors, plug your destination into your GPS or map apps (turn up the sound to ensure you won’t need to see your phone screen), turn on your playlist and stash a water bottle in an easy-to-access cup holder.

Manage your passengers. If you have an animal in the car, consider putting it in a crate to make a safer ride for both of you. Make sure kids are armed with snacks and toys before you start the care, and if the little ones need help, take the time to pull over.

Don't eat and drive. A greasy burger or piping-hot coffee could spell trouble if you hit a bump. Drivers who are eating or drinking are 3.6 times more likely to be in accident.

Farm Bureau Financial Services offers the Young Driver Safety Program designed to help the newest drivers develop safe driving habits. In addition, the Driveology program rewards safe drivers. Contact your Farm Bureau agent to learn more about these programs.

Ford safe driving tour

Ford Driving Skills for Life will make a stop in Iowa July 25-26 in Grimes, providing free driver training for new licensed drivers or students with a learner’s permit. To learn more, visit DrivingSkillsForLife.com. Click on “Training Events,” where you can request to be notified when registration is open.

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