With the Agriculture Department’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service considering potential major departures from its current regulatory framework regarding biotech products, AFBF is urging the agency not to lose sight of the importance of agricultural innovation.
“Between today and the year 2050, farmers will be required to grow twice as much food to feed a rapidly growing world population. Food will be grown in the face of increasingly severe weather and environmental conditions, with greater strains on water, soil and energy resources,” Farm Bureau said in formal comments to APHIS regarding the agency’s plans to prepare an environmental impact statement in connection with potential changes to the regulations related to the importation, interstate movement and environmental release of certain genetically modified organisms.
While recognizing recent improvements APHIS has made, Farm Bureau is asking the agency to carefully consider any future changes, as even the tiniest tweak could have a very big impact on farmers, consumers and the biotech industry.
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