AFBF called on the Federal Communications Commission this week (March 31, 2016)  to preserve access to video programming that enhances America’s rural communities.
AFBF submitted comments to the FCC following the agency’s notice of inquiry regarding the availability of diverse and independent sources of video programming. News programming like RFD-TV provides a critical outlet for rural Americans — 22 million of whom still lack broadband access — to stay informed.
“Since 30 percent of U.S. farms have no Internet access, watching television is the only visual media provider for thousands of rural Americans,” AFBF said in its official comments. “RFD-TV provides them with these opportunities because its content focuses on rural and agricultural programs.”
Farm Bureau’s nearly 6 million members are the backbone of rural America, and AFBF is committed to strengthening the rural communities in which its members live and work. Farm Bureau is asking the FCC to “remember the interests of rural Americans whose quality of life will be greatly affected by protecting their access to RFD-TV programming.”
AFBF also noted that programming like RFD-TV can have an important impact beyond rural communities as it brings agricultural programming into the homes of urban and suburban viewers as well. “RFD-TV is a valuable partner for the agricultural community in connecting with and educating urban and suburban viewers who do not have the opportunity to speak directly with farmers and ranchers on a regular basis,” AFBF said.