These rainy days aren't just a drag on us; they're also an issue for our animals. In the past 36 hours, we've experienced on-and-off rain on our farm near Greenfield, Iowa, which means we're checking on our cows and their calves every two to three hours to make sure everyone is surviving the nasty weather.

Livestock require 365 days of care per year, and when rain, wind, and cold weather strike during early spring (calving season), caring for cattle becomes a nearly 24/7 job on farms like ours.

It's definitely a challenge, but it's one that we embrace for the health of our animals. Check out some of my recent Facebook posts (embedded below) to see how we provide care for our cattle this time of year. 

By Brian Jones. Brian lives near Greenfield, Iowa, where he raises cattle with his family. He also custom harvests for farmers around the Midwest and is an Adair County Farm Bureau leader.