According to the October 29th Iowa Crop Progress and Condition report, Iowa farmers have now completed 71% of soybean harvest and 49% of corn harvest. Both of these are still behind the 5- year averages of 86% and 57%, respectively.

At the Crop Reporting District (CRD) level, Iowa corn harvest progress ranges from 65% complete in the SE crop reporting district to 36% and 37% complete in the NE and SW crop reporting districts. Iowa soybean harvest progress ranges from 83% complete in the North Central CRD to 39% in the SW CRD.

While Iowa has only completed 49% of their corn harvest, neighboring states such as Missouri and Illinois are 90% and 89% complete, respectively. However, Nebraska and South Dakota have only harvested 47% and 41% of their corn crop.

Iowa increased their soybean harvest progress from 37% the previous week to 71% as of October 28th. Minnesota and Illinois have harvested 87% and 86% of their soybeans, while Missouri and Kansas are only at 51% and 42%.

As of October 30th, roughly half of the state still has 4 inch soil temperatures above 50 degrees.

Michelle Mensing, Research Analyst, Decision Innovation Solutions (DIS). DIS is an Iowa-based economic research firm which provides regular farm economic research for Iowa Farm Bureau staff & members.