The average Iowa farmland value in 2016 decreased to about $7,183/acre according to the 2016 Iowa State University Farmland Survey. The average value of farmland in Iowa has been declining since it hit $8,710/acre in 2013, and it is down 5.9% from last year.

Decatur County had the lowest average farmland value in 2016 at $3,443/acre, and several other counties in southern Iowa such as Clarke, Lucas, Wayne, and Appanoose also saw average values below $4,000/acre. Scott County had the highest average farmland value in 2016 at $10,335/acre, and both Sioux County and O’Brien County also had an average farmland value above $10,000 for 2016. All counties in the state saw a decline from last year ranging from -2% to -8.4%. The largest percent declines were in Monona County and Woodbury County.