Wear Your ANF Pride Giveaway


In 1985, the U.S. was gripped by a Farm Crisis that bankrupted thousands of family farms. Hayden Fry, the University of Iowa’s head football coach at that time, knew that the crisis touched many of his team’s players and fans. Never one to accept defeat, Fry quietly went to work on a game plan to raise awareness of farmers who were struggling.

On November 2, 1985, the Iowa Hawkeyes faced off against Ohio State in a nationally televised matchup, sporting a new addition to their helmets: a simple yellow circle, with the letters “A-N-F”. It stood for “America Needs Farmers.”

Thirty-one years later, ANF remains a testament to the families that proudly give their all to provide the nation’s diverse food supply. A lot has changed since 1985, but America (Still) Needs Farmers!

Show Your Support, Enter to Win

On November 2, 2016 (the 31 st anniversary of ANF), 874 people (with 421,839 combined friends and followers) shared a message supporting America’s farmers via their Facebook, Twitter, and/or Tumblr accounts!

We have drawn the names of 31 individuals who shared the message and will send them a prize! 28 winners will receive an ANF stocking hat. 3 winners will receive a football or mini helmet autographed by Iowa Hawkeye legend and 2016 ANF Wall of Honor inductee Dallas Clark!

ANF Stocking Hat Winners

  • Barb Michel
  • Bobby Hall
  • Cindy Menske
  • Daniel J. House
  • Darrell W. Robinson
  • Dave Siver
  • Dawn Lorenzen
  • DeAnn Cole Luloff
  • Drew Clausen
  • Ellyn Felton
  • Gary Bergmann
  • Geoff Love
  • Grace Varnum
  • Jeanette Kester
  • Jerald Lee Wolff
  • Jonathan Thompson
  • Karla Pawlicki
  • Kathy Herrman Swenka
  • Keitha Osterhaus
  • Lisa Lewis
  • Polly Peterson
  • Rebecca Teske
  • Rose Zeman
  • Sandy Ledger
  • Stephanie Phillips
  • Tammy Newkirk Skinner
  • Therese Kane Duhn
  • Timothy Cox

Autographed Mini Helmet Winners

  • Annette Kruse
  • Donnie Orr

Autographed Football Winner

  • Heather Sloan Carrothers

Winners will be notified via email. See full contest rules here.

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