Meet Iowa Farmers

Never been on a farm? You're not alone. Less than five percent of Iowans farm, and the average person is multiple generations removed from farming.

All across Iowa, farmers work each day to grow and raise the food you and your family enjoy. They care for their animals. They respect and love the land. In many cases, their families have farmed that same land for generations, so it's in their best interest to protect it and care for it.

For decades, Iowa farmers have figured out how to grow the same amount of food, on half as much land. They are continuing that pattern of improvement using less land, pesticides and fertilizers to produce more food.

To them, farming is much more than a chosen profession. It's a commitment! Below you'll have an opportunity meet some of Iowa's farmers, hear their stories and see how dedicated they are to growing the safest and most wholesome food in the world.

Tanner Rowe

— Minburn, IA

Caring for livestock is important to Iowa farmer, Tanner Rowe. That's why he keeps in close contact with a nutritionist and veterinarian to ensure that his cattle are healthy and happy.

Joel Huber

— Wellman, IA

Joel Huber, a hog farmer from Albia, Iowa, takes great strides to care for his pigs not only because it's important to him but it's important to consumers as well.

Bryan Reed

— Albia, IA

Raising livestock in sometimes less than ideal conditions is all in a day's work for Iowa farmer, Bryan Reed.

Mark Boender

— Oskaloosa, IA

Mark and Stacy Boender farm near Oskaloosa, Iowa and grow corn and soybeans. Spend a day on the Boender family farm and learn how they care for their land, grow crops and raise their family.

Tom Forbes

— Mapleton, IA

Tom and Jessica Forbes are farmers from Mapleton, Iowa and raise corn and soybeans. Watch the Forbes work on their family farm during harvest.

Justin Dammann

— Essex, IA

Justin and Jennifer Dammann run a family farm near Essex, Iowa and grow corn, soybeans and raise cattle. Learn more about why living and working on the farm means so much to them.

David Rydberg

— Essex, IA

"On our farm, we embrace innovation that helps us provide the best care for our animals and be better stewards of the land for future generations."

Laura Hommel

— Grundy Center, IA

"I really enjoy farming. It is a privilege to raise food for both my family and others. That's why I'm always focused on the latest information and technology to provide the safest product possible."

Stephanie Dykshorn

— Ireton, IA

"Everything we do is for the health and safety of our cattle and the quality product that ends up on the grocery store shelf."

Russell Yoder

— Wayland, IA

"The technology that we've invested in these buildings, along with our oversight and commitment, allows us to produce the happy, healthy turkey."