Meet The Players

The University of Iowa football program has earned a reputation for having a roster filled with talent, but they also have a rich history of players who display the work ethic and character embodied by the Iowa farmer. These players’ commitment to continuous improvement and determination to overcome challenges reflect what America Needs Farmers (ANF) stands for.

These hard-working former Hawkeyes were proud to wear the ‘ANF’ on their helmet while representing the University of Iowa, and that pride in the heritage of Iowa agriculture and affinity for farmers remains strong today.

Their personal stories showing the work ethic, tenacity and character that define ‘ANF’ are told here.

Bryan Bulaga

— Crystal Lake, IL

A Hawkeye from 2007 – 2009

Bryan Bulaga was born and raised in Illinois and never grew up on a farm, yet agriculture still plays an important role in his own personal story. Both his great-grandfather and in-laws have close ties to farming, so Bryan is keenly aware of the important role agriculture plays in not only feeding and fueling the world, but also in ensuring our national security. Being part of an Iowa football team that included many farm kids, Bryan learned early on what being ‘farm strong’ is all about. Through his football career and life experiences, he’s learned that no matter the obstacles, winners’ power-through and never give up. It’s that same ‘can-do’ perseverance that not only sets him apart on the playing field but sets farmers apart on their farm fields every day.

Tony Moeaki

— Warrenville, IL

A Hawkeye from 2005 – 2009

Tony Moeaki, like most Iowans, didn’t grow up on a farm, but farming is a part of his family’s legacy. Tony’s grandfather was a farmer in Tonga and his farming operation provided enough food for his family and others in their community and generated enough savings to eventually bring his family to the United States. It’s that heritage that Tony credits for his own character and work ethic both on and off the football field and has instilled in him a strong affinity for agriculture and the farmers who play a critical role in producing our food, fuel and fiber.

Marshal Yanda

— Anamosa, IA

A Hawkeye from 2005 - 2007

Marshal Yanda is a 5th generation farm kid who grew up on a dairy farm just outside of Anamosa, Iowa. Marshal talks about how the work ethic he learned on the family farm ultimately led him to the highest level in professional sports – which includes a 13-year NFL career with All-Pro and Super Bowl Champion bragging rights. He credits his parents for that upbringing as they were great examples of the dedication, hard-work and care it takes to be successful not only in agriculture, but in life. Marshal talks about the importance of livestock farming today and why this “no days off” lifestyle is necessary so we can all enjoy the many products it provides us every day.

Matt Kroul

— Mt. Vernon, IA

A Hawkeye from 2004 - 2008

Matt Kroul is part of a farm family that goes back to the 1860s. He grows produce, corn, and soybeans, and raises beef cows on his diversified farm. He’s involved with community-supported agriculture (CSA) and is an integral part of the local food system. Matt believes that losing agriculture would take away the foundation of what Iowa really is. It’s the small towns many of us live in, it’s the hundreds of products made from the crops farmers here grow, and it’s the perseverance against unpredictability and challenges. Matt is a shining example of why America Needs Farmers, embracing the mindset of "adapt, overcome, and succeed" that he showed on the field and puts to work on his farm.

Aaron Kampman

— Kesley, IA

A Hawkeye from 1998 - 2001

Growing up in Kesley, Iowa, Aaron Kampman knew about planting, growing and harvesting long before he lettered in football for the University of Iowa. From an early age he understood the intricacies of farming from his grandparents – describing farmers as faithful, humble and hard-working. With the population of the world surpassing 7.6 billion people, Aaron knows farmers will step up to the plate to feed a growing population. He likens the togetherness of the farming community to the togetherness he experienced in the Hawkeye football locker room. Aaron feels ANF is a great celebration of our farmers and a wonderful reminder, that together we are greater than we are apart.

Robert Gallery

— Masonville, IA

A Hawkeye from 1999 - 2003

Robert Gallery shares his story and farming legacy. Farming is something he's proud of, and something we can all be proud of as a state that helps to feed the world. He farms corn and soybeans, and knows that farming teaches you the values of hard work and doing things right.

Nate Kaeding

— Iowa City, IA

A Hawkeye from 2000 - 2003

Iowa City-native, and NFL Pro-Bowl kicker Nate Kaeding has joined the roster of former Hawkeye and NFL stars supporting the ANF campaign to raise awareness about the food and energy options that today’s farmers provide. He has spent quite a bit of time on his aunt and uncle’s Muscatine County farm growing up, which has led to his deep-rooted respect for today’s farmers. Kaeding talks about why farming is especially important to him today now that he has started a second career as a restaurateur.

Chad Greenway

— Mt. Vernon, SD

A Hawkeye from 2001 - 2005

Chad Greenway grew up on a family farm near Mount Vernon, South Dakota, where he helped his family grow crops and raise pigs. The work ethic and determination he learned on the farm has helped all throughout his career. Just as he puts it on the line every game day, he knows first-hand that farmers put it on the line every day to grow our country’s food and fiber. Greenway talks about the importance of farming and how it’s the foundation on which our country stands.

Dallas Clark

— Livermore, IA

A Hawkeye from 1999 - 2002

Dallas Clark, a small-town Iowa boy from Livermore, takes great pride in his Iowa upbringing. Growing up in Iowa taught him the value of hard work and that no obstacle is too hard to overcome, the very same values he took to the football field everyday while playing at the University of Iowa where he earned All-American honors and was recognized as the top college tight end in the nation. Clark talks about his love for the state of Iowa, our farmers and why he's proud to be part of this ANF initiative.

Jared DeVries

— Aplington, IA

A Hawkeye from 1995 - 1998

Jared DeVries grew up on a family farm near Aplington, Iowa, helping his father grow crops and learning values like hard work, dedication and determination. He took his farm-learned work ethic on to the University of Iowa, where he developed into an all All-Big Ten defensive tackle (1995-1998) and second-team All American. DeVries talks about ANF, what it means to him, our state and our country.

Casey Wiegmann

— Parkersburg, IA

A Hawkeye from 1991 - 1995

Casey Wiegmann grew up in Parkersburg, Iowa and although he never farmed, his father has worked for John Deere for the past 35 years, so farming and agriculture have always been a part of his life. As a kid he helped local farmers by detassling. Wiegmann played at the University of Iowa from 1991-1995 and earned second team All-Big Ten honors as an offensive linemen. Wiegmann shares his thoughts on ANF, why it's important, and what it meant for him to wear the decal while playing for Hayden Fry.

Bruce Nelson

— Emmetsburg, IA

A Hawkeye from 1998 - 2003

Bruce Nelson grew up on a family farm near Emmetsburg, Iowa, where he helped his family grow crops and raise livestock. According to Nelson, there’s a lot similarities between farming and football. You’re always working with what the environment gives you and once you get that dirt under your fingernails, it’s hard to get it out. That desire to preserve lives on. No one knows that better than Nelson, who after retirement from the NFL, continues to farm in his hometown of Emmetsburg. Nelson talks about the importance of ANF and why he’s proud to be one of many Iowa farmers who are not only feeding the world, but fueling it too!

Mike Haight

— Dyersville, IA

A Hawkeye from 1981 - 1985

Hap Peterson

— Bettendorf, IA

A Hawkeye from 1981 - 1985

Mike Haight and Hap Peterson were Co-Captains of the one of the greatest Hawkeye football teams of all time: the 1985 Hawkeyes, a team that went 10-1, won the Big Ten championship, spent five weeks ranked No. 1 in the nation and went to the 1986 Rose Bowl. Haight, a former All-Big Ten offensive lineman, and Peterson, a former All Big-Ten defensive lineman, talk about Hayden Fry's idea of putting ANF on their helmets during the '85 season to show support for our country's farm families who were struggling through a major farm crisis.

Hayden Fry

Iowa Hawkeye Head Coach from 1979 - 1998