Breakout Sessions - Round 3

A. The Science of Grilling (Repeated)

Pastor Jon Spronk, First CRC Oskaloosa, B.S. and M.S. in Animal/Meat Science

B. Under Pressure? Make Sure It’s Dinner, not YOU! (Repeated)
Chef Alli, Creator, Chef Alli’s Farm Fresh Kitchen

C. Cover Crops: Making Them Pay
James Holz & Bill Frederick, Founders, Iowa Cover Crop
Cover crops have been around for a while and their agronomic benefits are fairly well known. With their growing popularity, incentives are more competitive. How can you start, or continue, using cover crops and make them pay for your operation?

D. Achieving Your Conservation Goals (Repeated)
Jon Hubbert, State Conservationist, NRCS and Mitchell Hora, Founder/CEO, Continuum Ag

E. Progressive Agriculture Safety Days® - Making Farm, Ranch and Rural Life Safer for Children and their Communities
Brian Kuhl, CEO, Progressive Agriculture Foundation
In an effort to reduce the occurrence of agriculture-related injuries and fatalities among children, the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day® program helps rural communities teach farm safety to local children ages 4 to 12. Learn about the resources available to help you coordinate a Progressive Agriculture Safety Day® in your community.

F. Managing Your Herd (Repeated)
Chris Clark, Beef Specialist, DVM, ISU Extension and Outreach

G. A Legacy Starts with You
Jenna Lain, Attorney, Meyer & Lain Law Office
Young farmers are focused on starting and growing their operations and families, not thinking about becoming an “old” farmer. It’s easy to ignore or delay planning for things like passing on the farm, becoming incapacitated or dying. There are many benefits to having these plans documented and done, earlier than you think. Find out the basics to take care of now, and how to get started.

H. Diversifying Using Small Grains (Repeated)
Sarah Carlson, Strategic Initiatives Director, Practical Farmers of Iowa

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