Breakout Sessions - Round 2

Breakout Sessions - Round 2 Iowa Farm Bureau Young Farmer Conference Breakout Session descriptions
A. Harvest Meals Made Easy

Darcy Maulsby, Independent Marketing/Communications Specialist, MBA, Author-Preneur, 5th generation farmer and Iowa’s Storyteller, Darcy Maulsby & Co.
Feeling frazzled at harvest? Feeling overwhelmed about getting food to the field or making meals more interesting? It’s time to beat the ham sandwich blues! Enjoy a feast of practical tips, tricks and farmer-approved recipes from families across rural Iowa. You won’t believe how simple it can be to have a wealth of hearty, healthy, delicious meals ready to go during your busiest days. Darcy will share her best insider tips from her popular “Culinary History of Iowa” book and from her new cookbook, “Harvest Meals Made Easy.”

B. Making Cattle Rations that Work for You
Jeff Pastoor, Beef Technical Consultant, Quality Liquid Feeds
Cattle can eat almost anything but feeding them to meet nutritional needs while keeping costs in line is not so easy. Jeff will share insights on proper cattle nutrition and the use of commodities for the best return on your feed dollars.

C. Add Cover Crops to Your Rotation
Jason Steele, Soil Scientist, USDA-NRCS
Whether you are just starting with cover crops or have experience growing them, you will learn something new in this session. Jason, a soil scientist and farmer, has a wealth of knowledge to share on the benefits of cover crops, selecting the right cover crop, grazing cover crops, how cover crops can work for you, and resources necessary to implement them on your farming operation.

D. Farm Family Communication and Stress
Larry Tranel, Psychologist and Dairy Specialist, ISU Extension
How stress is handled during tough farming times has a great impact on your health and your family. Communicating through the stressful times is important to managing and maintaining positive relationships within the family.

E. Tell the Story of Ag (Repeated)
Andrew Wheeler, Public Relations Coordinator, IFBF

F. Ag in the Classroom
Cindy Hall, Education Program Manager, Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation
Interested in helping young people learn about agriculture, but not sure where to start? During this hands-on session you’ll gather ideas, resources, and easy ag-learning activities to share in your community. Whether you’re looking for a way to engage families at a community event, are interested in doing classroom programs or virtual fieldtrips, or want ideas to help older students learn about agricultural careers – this is the session for you!

G. Farm Finance: A Team Approach
Steve Crittenden, Senior Lender, First National Bank
Starting off on the same page is important to cultivating a long-term relationship with a trusted lender. Learn from an experienced lender both the expectations for communicating with your lender, and what you need to know about your operation when borrowing funds. In addition, hear from a farmer on the other side of the desk, what you should have from your lender and how to work together to achieve maximum financial success.

H. Grain Market Outlook
Dr. Chad Hart, Grain Marketing Specialist, ISU Extension
Curious about the future of the grain market? Dr. Hart provides concise evaluation of current market conditions and expected trends.

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