Breakout Sessions - Round 1

A. Soil Health Management the Right Way

Carolyn King, Chief Agronomist, ContinuumAg
With a realization that traditional agronomic consulting only addresses the chemical soil component, ContinuumAg differentiates themselves by addressing the soil’s physical and biological aspects through a more holistic approach to sustainable and regenerative agriculture. Discuss with Carolyn ways to better understand and manage the valuable resource under our feet.

B. Beekeeping for Beginners
Scott Kent, Southern Iowa Hive Handlers
Get an in-depth look at how to care for and maintain honeybee hives as a beginner beekeeper through hearing from an experienced beekeeper.

C. Preserve the Taste of Summer
Renee Sweers, Human Sciences Specialist, Food and Health and Tom Keinert, Human Sciences Extension Specialist, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach
Love that fresh garden produce but have more than you can eat? Preserve it! It’s not difficult, but you do need to follow safe methods. You’ll learn how to can, freeze, and dry foods safely at home.

D. How to Feed Hungry Farmers in the Field
Speaker TBD
It takes a village to get crops in and out of the field. Learn some tips and tricks to feeding that village when they are out in the field.

E. A Farmer’s Approach to Regenerative Agriculture
Loran Steinlage, Owner/Operator, FLOLO Farms
Gone are the days of Steinlage is an Iowa farmer that focuses on crop diversity and reducing the cost of production. He is an early adaptor of interseeding and other regenerative agriculture practices. Steinlage will share his motivation and details of his transformation from a conventional tillage operation to a complete no-till operation.

F. Keeping All the Balls in the Air: Tips & Tricks for Staying Organized While Juggling Multiple Responsibilities
Brenda Clark Hamilton, MA Ed., Fresh Coffee
Juggling multiple responsibilities day-after-day can be exhausting and overwhelming. This engaging, interactive session will share real-world strategies for staying organized and energized, despite a hectic schedule. Learn tips and tricks Tweak Your Mind for Daily Strength; Minimize the Decision Drain and Hold a State of the Household Meeting. You will leave armed with practical strategies to immediately implement in your daily life.

G. Economic Impacts for your Cow Herd
Jeff Pastoor, Beef Technical Consultant, Quality Liquid Feeds
Cow/calf producers need to get the most out of their cows and feed through properly formulated protein and mineral supplements and properly balanced diets. Pastoor will share information how to insure herd health, calf performance and reproductive efficiency through balanced diets

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