Breakout Sessions - Round 1

A. Building and Maintaining Relationships with Landlords

Noah Coppess, Owner, LincolnWay Ag Services, LLC
Leasing farmland is a significant part of many young farmers’ operations. Making long-term, positive relationships with landlords is vital to continued growth. Just as with any relationship, there are a set of principles that guide a successful tenant-landlord partnership. Learn how to create arrangements that meet the financial, stewardship, and legacy goals of all parties.

B. Carbon Credit Markets: What Farmers Need to Know
Shelby Myers, Economist, AFBF
Today's agriculture environment is more dynamic than ever, with private-sector companies asking farmers to adopt climate-friendly practices with thoughts of increasing their income while reducing their carbon footprint. But not all climate programs are carbon-only initiatives. What does this really mean for farmers? What do farmers need to know?

C. What to Know About Direct Marketing Meat and Livestock Products
Janis Hoschstetler, Labeling Coordinator, IDALS HACCP and Ray Schmidt, Founder, Farm Story Meats
Is direct marketing meat and livestock products for you? Learn about the rules and regulations involved in the process and hear a young farmer share what he’s learned along the way in his own direct marketing business.

D. Increase Yields to Meet Future Demand for Food, Fuel, and Fiber
Ben Hollingshead, Sales Agronomist, Key Cooperative
Fertile soils contribute to good yields for farmers and food security for the planet. Good management of soil fertility can help reduce soil, water and air pollution, regulate water resources availability, support a diverse and active biotic community, increase vegetation cover and allows for carbon neutral footprint.

E. Under Pressure? Make Sure It’s Dinner, not YOU!
Chef Alli, Creator, Chef Alli’s Farm Fresh Kitchen
Gone are the days of Grandma’s hissing, rattling stove top pressure cooker, and no more worry about food explosions covering the kitchen ceiling. Electric pressure cooking is making a comeback due to efficiency, health, flavor, and the reducing cooking times by up to 70%. Dinner can be ready in as little as 20 minutes (prep time included!). Electric pressure cooking is life changing!

F. Building a Modern Hog Facility
Brian Waddingham, Executive Director, CSIF and Chad Heisdorffer, Associate Director & Business Development, The Maschhoffs
Ever wonder if contract hog production would be the right fit for your farming operation, and how to make sure you’re doing it right? Ask questions, learn what steps are involved, what integrators are looking for and how to start exploring your options.

G. Farm Family Well-Being: Handling Stress and Issues on the Farm
Larry Tranel, Dairy Specialist and Pastoral Psychologist, ISU Extension and Outreach
Farmer well-being is critical to farm family success. Younger farmers have more stress than older farmers. Farmers employed off-farm had more stress than full-timers. While much attention is targeted at farm stress in men, farm women are often carrying the burden of not just their own stress, but that of their spouse and children as well. This session will help you focus on higher reasoning and positive thoughts of good stress by sharing means of mitigating the not-so-positive distress in your life.

H. Young Farmer Financial Programs
Brian Gossling, Chief Specialist, Farm Loan Programs, FSA and Steve Ferguson, Ag Development Program Specialist, IFA
Obtaining enough capital to pursue the dream of a future in production agriculture can be challenging for young farmers. It’s also challenge to sort through the programs specifically designed to assist new farmers in attaining their goal. Learn more about what these agencies have to offer to get you started and grow your operation.

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