Breakout Sessions - Round 1

Breakout Sessions - Round 1 Iowa Farm Bureau Young Farmer Conference Breakout Session descriptions
A. Supper Solutions

Anne Hytrek, Dietitian, Hy-Vee
Tired of the same old meals? Anne shares a variety of recipes that will soon become your go-tos

B. Find Your Niche
Jacob Handsaker, Hardin County Farmer (sweet peas) and Beth Rachut, Mitchell County Farmer (potatoes & onions)
Looking for new ideas to expand your operation? Not sure where to start when it comes to alternative crops? Hear from fellow farmers about their experiences expanding outside traditional crops.

C. Gen Z: Who They Are, Why You Should Care, and What to Do About It
Jenna Fitch, Associate Director, Iowa State Dairy Association
Gen Z is now the largest generation in the U.S. They have strong influence on household purchases. This session will provide insight into who Gen Z is, how they behave, and what their expectations are of shopping and food products. You will pick up resources and tools to help connect with this influential demographic.

D. Impacts of Climate on Agriculture – How to Manage?
Dennis Todey, Director, Midwest Climate Hub, USDA
Producers are dealing with more climate issues impacting their productivity. This session will review some of the issues and how to deal with them. The USDA Climate Hubs were established to help agriculture deal with changing climate issues – learn more about the information and products available from them

E. Tell the Story of Ag
Andrew Wheeler, Public Relations Coordinator, IFBF
Iowa Farm Bureau’s F.A.R.M. Team training (Farm Advocates Reaching Main Street) can help you be a better communicator, bust the myths of agriculture and build support for agriculture by finding fun ways to engage consumers in your community. There are many ways for you to be seen, be heard and become a trusted source for information. Hear success stories and examples from fellow farmers and learn how you can become a F.A.R.M. Team member and support agriculture in Iowa.

F. Exploring Non-Commodity Soybeans
Paul Lange, General Manager, Natural Products, Inc.
Interested in other soybean markets? Natural Products, Inc., is the leading manufacturer of full fat soy ingredients and Non-GMO or Certified Organic soybeans. Paul will offer details on opportunities for growing non-commodity soybeans.

G. Managing Your Flock
Joe Sellers, Livestock Specialist (Retired), ISU Extension
Joe has been a partner in a 1,500-head ewe flock operation and finished over 3,000 lambs per year. He will share insight on the economics of when to sell and different market opportunities for sheep producers.

H. Grain Bin Safety
Dan Neenan, Director, National Education Center for Agricultural Safety
Grain bins are no place for taking short cuts. Dan will show you how to keep yourself and your family safe by identifying, understanding and avoiding grain bin hazards.                                                                             

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