Breakout Sessions - Round 1

Breakout Sessions - Round 1 Iowa Farm Bureau Young Farmer Conference Breakout Session descriptions
A. When the Scale Tips…

Katie Dilse, Inspirational Speaker and North Dakota Farmer
A farming calendar has a big personality. Clocks don’t lie. And keeping everything balanced seems impossible. It’s hard to manage it all and just when you come up with a plan, life can take a crazy twist. The scale to balance farm, family and business is rarely perfect. Learn to create opportunities to change your view on the balance of life.

B. Grow Hops
Mark Pattison, Founder/General Manager, Buck Creek Hops
Interested in growing hops? Learn the information needed concerning budgeting, labor expectations, trellis designs, hop variety selection assistance for your area, hop yard supplies, as well as marketing and sales options.  

C. What’s for Supper?
Iowa Beef Industry Council
Schedules are hectic, and time is valuable. Learn about quick, easy meals that will get you through planning and harvest.

D. DOT Q & A
Capt. J. Chris Moline T454, Training Coordinator, Iowa Department of Transportation
Gain information about vehicle and load regulations, transportation safety on and off the farm, and more! Come prepared with your questions! CPT J. Chris Moline is here to provide answers to your specific questions.

E. Cover Crops as Forage
Ben Albright, Calhoun County farmer and Meghan Filbert, Livestock Coordinator, Practical Farmers of Iowa
Learn how cover crops can offset feed expenses on cattle farms. Hear directly from a producer who uses cover crops as a forage.

F. Fresh Answers to 5 Burning Social Media Questions
Zach Bader, Digital Marketing Manager, Iowa Farm Bureau 
Which social media platforms should I use? What should I post, and how do I reach a non-farm audience to engage with consumers effectively? We’ll share proven strategies and fresh insights to help you answer the 5 most common social media questions farmers ask.

G. Livestock Nutrition on a Budget
David Reuber, Beef Enterprise Consultant, Innovative Ag Services
Margins are tight. Feed is expensive. Learn rations that can maintain the rate of gain and feed efficiency necessary to remain profitable.

H. Grain Marketing – A Practical Approach
James Holz, Greene County farmer
Drawing on his experience as a grain originator in addition to managing his personal marketing plan, James will provide practical advice on getting started and understanding a grain marketing plan.                                                                             

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