Leadership Training

Leadership Training Gain skills to help you become a more effective leader for Farm Bureau and agriculture.

Ag LeadersAg Leaders Institute

The Ag Leaders Institute is an opportunity for leaders who are new to Farm Bureau to learn about cutting edge issues, leadership skills to address those issues, and build a statewide network of leaders. Each county can nominate an individual to apply for the program. Applications are due December 7, 2018. Twenty-five  to thirty individuals are selected to participate. The program includes four two-day sessions (January-March), a summer session, and a trip to Washington, D.C. (September).

Right click on the Application link and download the application (Save link as) - the functionality of this fillable PDF will work best when edited in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Contact your county Farm Bureau president if you are interested in participating. Contact a past participant for more information about a program.

County Board Training

County Board training is available to county Farm Bureau boards. Topics include board roles & responsibilities, nominating committees & recruiting leaders, better board meetings, recruiting and working with volunteers, leadership/personality styles, goal setting, action planning, conflict resolution and dealing with change. Some information related to many of your training needs can be found in the County Leaders Manual. Contact your Regional Manager to schedule training for your County Board members.

Membership Training

All new on-line membership training is now available! This self-guided tutorial will help you understand the steps in the process, make you more comfortable having conversations about membership and increase your success in getting others to join Farm Bureau.

This interactive training will take you about 20 minutes and includes narration, so listen to it in a place where you can have the volume turned up.

New Board Orientation

The County Leaders Manual helps new board members get a head start on the role of the board, and their responsibilities as a board member. It also covers the structure of the County Farm Bureau, finances, programs areas, and staff available to assist. Read it online or print a copy.

County President's Conference

The County Presidents Conference held each summer gives the county Farm Bureau presidents a jump start on their year in office. The 2018 regional Conferences – Leading into the New Century – will be held at six locations throughout the state in August and September. Presidents will hone their skills in running effective meetings, utilizing committees, managing change and recruiting new leaders. Tentative dates and locations are:

NE Iowa - Aug. 4, Dubuque ( Agenda)
North Central - Aug. 10, Clarion ( Agenda)
SW Iowa - Aug. 22, Atlantic ( Agenda)
Central Iowa - Aug. 24, Ames ( Agenda)
NW Iowa - Sept. 12, Spencer ( Agenda)
SE Iowa - Sept. 15, Honey Creek ( Agenda)