Helpful Links Links and other resources to help you with your Farm Bill enrollment decision process.

Helpful Links

Decision Farm Bill

Links and other resources to help with the farm bill decision process.

  • Farm Bill Information from ISU Extension and Outreach, please click here.  (webcasts, info. sheets, decision tool)
  • The Farm Bill Toolbox from FarmDoc, University of Illinois, please click here.
  • Farm Bill Information at Ag Risk Library, Center for Farm Financial Management, Univ. of Minnesota, please click here.
  • USDA main farm bill website, please click here.
  • Conservation Compliance For Crop Insurance FAQ from NRCS, please click here.

The following files contain the Executive Summary, an Appendix with information on Ag Technology Providers; the results of the Electronic Survey of producers, retailers and ag technology providers about big data; and several slide decks with the findings of the study.

Anyone who wants to learn more about the current status of "Big Data" in agriculture, the potential for data uses within agriculture, precision agriculture, and prescription agriculture is encouraged to read the Executive Summary and to study the report materials.

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