Decision Farm Bill Tools to help you make the best Farm Bill enrollment decisions for your farm.

Farmers, landowners and Iowans with farm ties face risk management enrollment decisions in the 2018 Farm Bill. Iowa Farm Bureau is offering free informational meetings to help Iowans navigate their options. Farmers should attend to gain a better understanding of the programs and the risk management they offer over the next 5 years.

As with every risk management decision, it's critical that farmers have a clear understanding of the options available and what best fits their farming operation.

Topics to be covered at Iowa Farm Bureau’s farm bill meetings

  • Modernization of Marketing Loan Rates
  • Price Loss Coverage (PLC) Improvements
  • Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) Improvements
  • Base Acres and Yield Updating
  • ARC or PLC Election and Flexibility

Farm Bill Resources

The material included is intended to be support material and information to assist in making Farm Bill decisions. Attendance at local meetings is encouraged to get additional information. Material here should be used as a guide and each program participant should make their own decision after consulting information and using available decision tools.

The meeting schedule will continue to grow. If you would like a meeting in your area, work with your county Farm Bureau or contact Ed Kordick, at