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Farm Bill Presentations

Decision Farm Bill
Click here to view the Farm Bill full page slides (From the earlier presentation)

Click here to view the Farm Bill full page slides that include updates from the USDA county yield information delivered in February.

Click here to view an update on the likelihood of payments under ARC-CO and PLC.

Presentation Webcast Recordings (recorded prior to USDA Yield information release in Feb. 2015, see full page slides above for updated visuals)
Below is information segmented for easier viewing from the Farm Bill presentation.  Click on the title to view the recorded webcast.

#1 Introduction & Base Acre Reallocation Decision  Duration (17:18)

#2 Payment Yield Decision Duration (14:14)

#3 Basics of Farm Program Decision: PLC, ARC-CO, ARC-IC Duration (15:02)

#4 Prices Used in PLC and ARC Duration (17:30)  

#5 Dynamic (Stochastic) Analysis Duration (25:07)

#6 Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO) Duration (10:20)

#7 Side-by-side Program Comparison and Payment Limits Duration (18:18)

#8 Program Summary, Farmer Decision Tools & USDA-FSA Forms Duration (13:32)

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