Webinar Details:
Day/Date: Wednesday, December 20, 2017 
Time: 1:00 pm 
Speaker: Evan Sivesind, Program Manager, Iowa Pest Resistance Management Plan, Iowa State University

On Wednesday, December 20 at 1:00 pm Iowa Farm Bureau will host a webinar with crucial information for all crop farmers.  The Iowa Pest Resistance Management Plan (IPRMP) is an Iowa-specific plan to address pests--including weeds, insects and diseases--that can adapt and become resistant to chemical, genetic, and agronomic control practices.

The IPRMP outlines approaches for effective, integrated management solutions that will sustainably control pests. By fostering methods to detect resistance, resistance can be delayed or even prevented, limiting the spread of pest resistance. 

Webinar Recording Segment:  Please click here - Duration 29:08. 

Webinar Materials:  Please click here

Contact Ed Kordick, IFBF Commodity Services Manager ( ekordick@ifbf.org) for more information.