USDA publishes data on retail fruit and vegetable prices as well as information on product promotions. USDA reported that 60% of all ads were for fruits, onions and potatoes accounted for 8% of the ads and vegetable ads accounted for 30% of the ads.

The following table compares weighted average prices published on January 20, 2023 with prices from a year ago for a variety of fruits and vegetables. The simple average of all the prices contained in the table represent an average increase of 13% compared to a year ago. As you go shopping this week, look for the bargains. They are out there. The biggest bargain appears to be eggplant which is reported to be priced 33% lower than a year ago. The most expensive item, comparatively, is kale, which is quoted up 103% from a year ago.

Economic analysis provided by David Miller, Consulting Chief Economist, Decision Innovation Solutions on behalf of Iowa Farm Bureau.