U.S. pork exports during the first seven months of 2015 reached a volume of 991,521 metric tons, 3.9% above the amount of pork exported in 2013 (954,537 metric tons) during the same seven-month period, but down 3.1% from the volume exported from January to July 2014 (1,022,946 metric tons) (see Figure 1). 

At the beginning of 2015, U.S. pork exports were negatively impacted by severe traffic congestion in the West Coast ports; however in April, U.S. pork exports registered the largest export volume (162,394 metric tons) of the year. Since then, U.S. pork exports has been declining month after month, amid a strong U.S. dollar, as well as intense competition from other pork producing countries, particularly those from the European Union (EU).  July 2015 exports (137,684 metric tons) were up 2.8% year-over-year (133,907 metric tons) but down 3.5% from the volume of exports reported during the previous month (142,656 metric tons) (see Figure 1).

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