Cattle are well suited to withstand Iowa’s winter weather, says Mike Telford, executive director of the Iowa Farm Animal Care (IFAC) coalition.

Cattle are naturally insulated with a thick winter coat, or hide. And their average body temperature runs warm, at about 101 degrees. In fact, cattle prefer the cold weather to hot temperatures.

Iowa livestock farmers work around the clock to make sure cattle and other farm animals are comfortable and safe during the winter, Telford says.

Farmers check on their herds several times a day to ensure cattle have access to fresh, unfrozen water. Farmers also provide their animals a high-carb feed mix, because cattle need the extra energy to keep their bodies warm.

In addition, farmers work closely with a team of veterinarians and animal nutritionists to ensure animals are well fed and cared for throughout the seasons, Telford says.

If you have questions about farm animal care, feel free to contact the IFAC experts by calling 800-252-0577 or visit

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