As of the July 9 th USDA Crop Progress report, Iowa’s corn crop was rated 77% Good/Excellent, 19% Fair, and 4% Poor/Very Poor. Iowa corn crop conditions have held fairly steady so far this growing season, however the high temperatures and recent lack of rain could begin to take a toll. 7% of Iowa’s corn crop is currently estimated to be silking, which is behind the 5-year average of 20%.

The percentage of Iowa’s soybeans in Good/Excellent condition declined 5% from the previous week and is currently at 67% Good/Excellent. 24% are rated Fair and 9% Poor/Very Poor.

Parts of Iowa are classified as abornamlly dry to moderate drought. States such as Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota have areas suffering from extreme drought. As you can see in the map below, this is having a negative effect on crop conditions in those areas. For example, only 37% of South Dakota’s corn crop is rated Good/Excellent, and only 34% of their soybeans are in Good/Excellent condition.

In the map below you can see the condition of both corn and soybeans for each state, and the total size of the pie chart on each state represents the number of acres planted in that state. Using the Date dropdown, you can watch how the conditions have changed each week throughout this growing season.