According to the July 30th USDA/NASS Iowa Crop Progress & Condition report, the Iowa corn crop is rated 78% Good/Excellent, 16% Fair, and 6% Poor/Very Poor. 96% of the Iowa corn crop is currently silking, and 31% has hit the dough stage.

The Iowa soybean crop has 77% rated Good/Excellent, 18% Fair, and 5% Poor/Very Poor. 63% of Iowa’s soybeans are setting pods.

61% of Iowa’s oat crop has now been harvested. 75% of Iowa’s oats are rated in Good/Excellent condition, 22% Fair, and 3% Poor.

Second cutting alfalfa is 93% complete in Iowa, and third cutting is at 13%. Iowa hay conditions are rated 68% Good/Excellent, 23% Fair, and 9% Poor/Very Poor.

Iowa pasture conditions are declining with only 54% rated Good/Excellent, 27% Fair, and 19% Poor/Very Poor.

In the maps below you can compare corn and soybean conditions for each state, and the total size of the pie chart on each state represents the number of acres planted in that states. Using the Date dropdown, you can watch how the conditions change each week throughout the growing season.

Michelle Mensing, Research Analyst, Decision Innovation Solutions (DIS). DIS is an Iowa-based economic research firm which provides regular farm economic research for Iowa Farm Bureau staff & members.