These Iowa Average Fertilizer Price graphs show an overview of the trends in various fertilizer prices since January 2012. Overall, prices have declined since 2012, however there was a slight increase in the final weeks of 2017 and beginning of 2018. In 2012, urea prices were near $800/ton, but are down to $366/ton in January 2018. Liquid nitrogen 32% has averaged about $356/ton since 2012, but is currently only $228/ton. Liquid nitrogen 28% is also below the average over this time frame at $329/ton compared to the current average Iowa price of $198/ton, which is also slightly below the 12-month average ($213/ton). Anhydrous ammonia prices averaged $460/ton the first week in January 2018, which jumped over $80/ton since the beginning of December 2017. When looking at the Price/lb Nitrogen graph, you can see that anhydrous ammonia remains the cheapest price per pound of nitrogen.