Within the next year, motorists will have the opportunity to show their support of Iowa agriculture through specialty license plates. Proceeds from the license plates will go to support the Iowa FFA Foundation, the Iowa 4-H Foundation and the Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation (IALF).

The plates, available for passenger vehicles, trucks, and trailers, have been approved through the Iowa Department of Transportation. However, 500 orders are required for the plates before production begins, according to Will Fett, director of the Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation.

Fett and the foundation spearheaded the project more than one year ago. But, he noted the project was a collaborative effort between IALF, the Iowa FFA Foundation and the Iowa 4-H Foundation.

"This is a great way to promote agriculture in the state and show the unity that exists in the industry," Fett said.

The license plates are $35 for numbered plates or $60 for personalized plates. Fett said $10 of those fees will go toward supporting the work of the Iowa FFA Foundation, the Iowa 4-H Foundation and IALF. After the initial purchase, the three organizations will split $10 from each annual renewal.

The money collected from the specialty plates will support important educational activities in the state, Fett said.

For the Iowa Ag Literacy Foundation, the dollars will go toward providing resources for educators and volunteers who want to teach Iowa’s students about agriculture. This includes teacher training, lesson development resources and the distribution of ag resources for students. In 2015, the Iowa Ag Literacy Foundation served more than 3,100 students and 3,400 adults through programs and events.

Money that will go to the Iowa FFA Foundation and the Iowa 4-H Foundation could go toward supporting career development event activities, camps and other youth outreach efforts. The Iowa FFA Foundation supports more than 14,800 FFA members and 225 FFA chapters in the state. The Iowa 4-H Foundation supports more than 100,000 youth in Iowa In 2015, the Iowa 4-H Foundation provided $1.2 million to support Iowa 4-H members and the Iowa 4-H program.

For more information, or to purchase a specialty license plate, go to www.IowaAgTag.org or call 515-331-4182.