According to the October 30th USDA/NASS Crop Progress Report, Iowa corn harvest progress is only 44% complete, much behind the 5-year average of 70% harvested. However, the Iowa soybean harvest is 83% complete, only slightly behind the 5-year average of 91%.

At the Crop Reporting District (CRD) level, corn harvest is 64% complete in the Southeast CRD and 51% in the East Central CRD, while the rest of the state is less than 50% complete. The Southwest and West Central CRD’s are only at 30% and 35% of corn harvested, respectively.

All of the central and northern crop reporting districts in the state have over 85% of their soybeans harvested. However, soybean harvest is progressing slower in the southern tier of crop reporting districts with 67% harvested in the Southeast CRD, 64% in the Southwest CRD, and only 58% harvested in the South Central CRD.

With the colder temperatures lately, all of the state now has 4 inch average soil temperatures below 50 degrees as of October 31st.