The Whole Farm Conservation Best Practices Manual  from Iowa State University (ISU) has been expanded to include information about additional practices and to make it available free-of-charge for download or in hard copy. The manual includes detailed information about conservation practices and includes step-by-step decision guides to aid in determining the best practice(s) to meet the goals of farmers or landowners.

Additional conservation practices in the new release include:

  • Multipurpose oxbows
  • Windbreaks
  • Riparian forest buffers
  • Bottomland timber establishment

Sections covering practices such as cover crops, no-till, terraces, ponds, water and sediment control basins and grassed waterways also include expanded information. Each conservation practice profiled in the manual is covered in detail regarding fit for land type, conservation goals such as reduction in nitrogen-N or phosphorus-P losses, soil health and wildlife habitat.

Designed primarily for farmers just starting out through three years of adopting conservation practices, the manual provides a broad range of information that could be beneficial to any farm producer. The manual is available for free download or in hard copy from the Iowa State Extension Store