With the decline in crop prices, farmers need to be very aware of their expenses and input costs. The Iowa Average Fertilizer Prices graphs show an overview of the trends in various fertilizer prices in Iowa since January 2011. As you can see, overall the prices have seen a decrease since 2013. Urea prices were near $800/ton in 2012, but has fallen to about $400/ton. Liquid nitrogen 32% averaged about $393/ton over this time period, but is currently lower than that at $305/ton. 28% has also fallen below the average over this time frame, with that average being about $355/ton compared to the current average Iowa price of $283/ton on March 2, 2016. While anhydrous ammonia is the highest price per ton, when we look at the Price/lb Nitrogen graph, you can see that anhydrous ammonia remains the cheapest price per pound of nitrogen. The Iowa Average Propane and Diesel Fuel Prices graph also shows a steady decline in farm diesel fuel prices to the current Iowa average price of $1.39, and propane price per gallon holding steady at about $0.98/gallon.

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