For farmers, emotional stress often accompanies financial stress. With the farm economy in a prolonged slump, it’s time for farmers to keep a close eye out for signs of emotional stress in themselves, their family members and neighbors, says Dr. Mike Rosmann, a psychologist who also farms in western Iowa near Harlan.

“We need to destigmatize the practice of reaching out for emotional help in farming,” said Rosmann recently in an interview for the Farm Bureau podcast, "The Spokesman Speaks." “And we need to help farmers realize that remaining optimally healthy in a behavioral sense, as well as a physical sense, contributes to the well-being of the farm and likely enhances the productivity of the farm.”

"The Spokesman Speaks" podcast episode featuring Rosmann’s discussion of ways that farmers and their families can deal with emotional stress will be available Dec. 31. It, as well as other podcast episodes, can be accessed at or by subscribing to "The Spokesman Speaks" in your favorite podcast app.

Rosmann will also offer strategies on be­­havioral management for farmers during a Farm Bureau webinar, called Managing Stress in Era of Ag Uncertainty, scheduled for Jan. 7 at 1 p.m. Participants in the webinar will hear a presentation by Rosmann and have an opportunity to ask questions.

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