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County Supervisor Elections Overview

A county may have either three or five county supervisors. Supervisors serve four-year terms unless a change in the number of supervisors or adoption of a different district plan requires an election.

County Supervisors

The number of supervisors in a county may be changed only by a majority favorable vote at a November general election. The County Commissioner of Elections adds the issue to the ballot for the general election upon receiving notice from the board of supervisors. This notice can be based on their resolution or required by a petition initiative.

Petition Process

Petitions must be filed with the board of supervisors no later than 82 days before the November general election. It must be signed by eligible electors equal in number to at least 10% of the votes cast in the county for the office of United States president or governor at the preceding general election. Petition signatures must include a place of residence and the date it was signed. Petitions lacking information will be deemed insufficient by the board. If the petition contains the required number of signatures it is assumed valid and the board should issue the notification to the election’s commissioner no later than 69 days before the...