Ryan Friesth of Fort Dodge rose above the competition and was crowned the 2023 Iowa Farm Bureau (IFBF) Cookout Champion last week.

Friesth’s ribeye cap steak was voted as the winning dish of the annual cookout contest, held on Farm Bureau Day at the Iowa State Fair.

Friesth’s ribeye cap steak also won the beef category. The steak was rolled and tied with butcher twine, marinated and grilled to medium. 

He cut the steak into pinwheels for presentation and added grilled asparagus in Hollandaise sauce and a twice-baked potato on the side.

“I can’t believe it. I just had an idea, and I just followed through with it, I guess,” Friesth beamed after being presented with the championship trophy and crown. “I had a homemade rub on it, just something I came up with. I can’t believe it.”

Friesth has been grilling since he was young, thanks mostly to his dad, who...