Five Iowa artists will hit the road in a five-stop tour across Iowa over the coming months, part of the Iowa Arts Council’s “Meet the Artist” series.

In its third year, the program offers grants to five chosen artist fellows, then introduces them and their work to fellow Iowans.

This year’s recipients include photographer Stephanie Brunia of Oxford, multimedia artist Brent Holland of Des Moines, writer and poet Jennifer Knox of Nevada, performance artist Akwi Nji of Cedar Rapids and visual artist Yun Shin of Orange City.

Each will receive a $10,000 cash grant, plus professional development opportunities and exposure.

“These are artists who have started their career, but could use a nudge to get to the next level,” says Michael Morain, Iowa Arts Council communications manager. “These are the best and the brightest, and we want to keep them in Iowa.” This year’s five fellows were chosen from a pool of 68 applicants.

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