It’s been years since Bill and Tammi Secor and their three now-grown children have work­ed side-by-side on their family farm north of Fort Dodge.
But today here they all are, walking through the farm’s vineyard, inspecting the vines and snacking on a few grapes as they work.

Son Robert Secor, 27, started the family vineyard in 2007 while studying horticulture at Iowa State University (ISU). This summer, his two sisters, Anne Zyick (pronounced ‘z-wink’), 25, and Amanda Secor, 22, have come back home to the farm as well.

Anne and her husband, Brandon, are relocating from Albuquerque, N.M., to help launch the family’s new on-farm winery. Anne, who earned a masters degree in food science/wine sensory from Washington State University, will take on the role of crafting the family’s Iowa-grown wines....