Testing the water

Administrative Agencies Overview

 The Executive Branch, one of the three branches of government, balances its powers in both the state and federal government. Because the governor is the head of the state executive branch, the agency officials and employees act as an arm of the governor’s authority. Unelected state agency officials plus employees carry the responsibility and discretion to put forth rules and regulations to implement statutes passed by Congress and the Iowa legislature. These rules and regulations are as powerful as the statutes passed. However, the rules and regulations must not contradict the statutes.

Reasons Administrative Agencies Draft Rules & Regulations:

  1. Agencies write corresponding rules to statutory laws. This is necessary because bills passed by the legislature are not usually specific and typically require further clarification.
  2. Agencies write rules by way of their general rulemaking authority. If an agency determines there is a need for guidance on a matter, they can write rule(s) without specific direction from...