A taste of Iowa history

The Templeton Rye visitor center tells the Prohibition-era history of the Iowa-made whiskey.
Many historical items from the bootlegging days are on display, including old bottles, pictures and copper stills.

Savvy travelers are always looking for something new or different. This is why exploring the United States can be so rewarding, as every state offers something that sets it apart from the others. Iowa — like any other state — is also unique. Not only does it offer a rich collection of history, attractions and events, but Iowa is home to interesting people and communities with great stories to share.

A place to experience a new “taste of history” is located in Templeton, Iowa (population 362), where area residents once played an interesting role in a time period that typically doesn't garner much attention. Templeton, you see, is home to many stories and its fair share of secrets.

Prohibition in the United States, which banned the manufacture, transportation and sale of intoxicating liquors, began in January 1920. For many, this was wildly unpopular and almost immediately created a devoted, underground marketplace of individuals and businesses who were willing to ignore...

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