The five-star reviews from guests tell only part of the story. Located north of Ames in the scenic Skunk River Valley, a mere 15 minutes from the Iowa State University (ISU) campus, Loya’s Little House Bed & Breakfast provides a unique taste of Iowa in a setting and amenities that keep guests coming back for more.

The house features four exquisitely decorated bedrooms, each with a private bath. Rooms can be booked individually, or guests can book the entire house with total capacity of 16. An indoor kitchen and outdoor grill allow for self-meal preparation, in addition to host-provided breakfasts.

When not curled up near the fireplace or engaged in entertainment provided in nearby Ames, guests can revel in the outdoors and native wildlife.

Loya’s was opened in August 2016 by Dean and Denise Biechler. Dean is the retired program coordinator of ISU’s Biological Pre-medical Illustration Program, specializing in scientific and medical illustration. Denise is a retired...