Two southeast Iowa entrepreneurs join together to create popular ice cream sandwiches
Kelli Knapp and Jaci Steffener of Mediapolis aren’t the first people to bond over an ice cream sandwich. But they are the latest to turn it into a business venture.

Steffener owns and operates Sprat’s Soft Serve Ice Cream. Knapp owns and runs The Flour Barn. When they joined forces and flavors, they created pure heaven.

“It really all started with the ice cream sandwich,” says Knapp.

Kelli Knapp opened The Flour Barn in her home kitchen a few years ago to bring in extra money and occupy herself when her three children were small.

She began selling bread, rolls and cookies at the local farmers market. That led to special orders. Bit by bit, the business grew.

Knapp says the baking business is a good one start from home. And she could always find things to do while the bread was rising.