hen Nick Simons took the three-wheeled Slingshot out for a test ride this summer on a scenic country road in Warren County, he passed a group of three motorcycle riders driving in the opposite direction.

The third rider gave Simons the universal "motorcycle salute," a slight, down-low wave of the hand.

"See, he knew this is a motorcycle. A lot of people don’t know it yet," Simons said, after he waved back and returned his hand to the steering wheel.

Yes, there’s a steering wheel. On a motorcycle. Not to mention the bucket seats, a glove compartment, large cup holders and a Bluetooth-enabled radio so you can answer your phone hands-free while on the road.

You see, the Slingshot isn’t like any motorcycle that’s ever been built. It drives and rides like a sports car. But with three wheels, it’s technically motorcycle.

And the Slingshot looks like nothing...